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Overseas Customers


We have many overseas customers and we welcome international orders.

Please note that international shipping rates we previously quoted on orders placed on our website will no longer be correct. This is beyond our control, as all courier and shipping services are continually reviewing their international rates due to much increased administration and shipping costs now the UK has left the EU. You will therefore find that once you have placed an order, we will need to obtain quotes to obtain the best price for your carriage. 

Whilst our system has approximate weights set for your carriage the rate quoted may not be correct due to fluctuating rates. If the best carriage quote we receive is higher you will incur an additional charge and we will contact you to make payment for before we can dispatch your order. If the quote is lower, of course we will only charge this amount. We thank you for your patience and understanding regarding this! 


We may require your EORI "Economic Operators Registration and Identification Number" to quote on our manifests. 

 Please note our carriage charges do NOT include any customs or duty charges which you may have to pay in the country your goods are being delivered to.


The below advice applies to orders which leave the UK from the 1st of January 2021.

As the UK has left the European Union, the supply of exported goods to the EU will now be zero rated  - provided certain conditions are met. Please see below for details.
We have been advised that the products we sell are currently not subject to EU tariffs, however, this may be subject to change in the future. If this is the case, the tariff will be payable at customs in your country. Please check if tariffs apply in your country, if you are outside the EU.

♦ If we deliver goods direct to your overseas address, the goods will be zero rated. You will not need to pay and reclaim the VAT.  
♦ If we do not deliver goods to an overseas address, you will need to pay the VAT, and it will be refunded to you on proof that the goods have left the UK. Please note if we do not deliver direct to your overseas address, we will only deliver goods to a registered shipping agent or freight forwarder. For your VAT to be refunded, you will need to provide evidence your goods have left the UK. The following is taken from the UK Goverment website, regarding VAT on goods exported from the UK.
This section covers the specific evidence of export that MUST BE PROVIDED according to the method of export used. In all cases the official or commercial transport evidence you provide must show that the transaction has taken place and the goods are those which were supplied by us. 

Air and sea freight

If you are using commercial transport documents as proof of export for goods exported outside the UK or EU by:

  • air – you must get and keep an authenticated master or house air waybill endorsed with the flight prefix and number, and the date and place of departure
  • sea – you must keep one of the copies of the bill of lading or sea waybill along with a note of the export entry number or, where a shipping company does not issue these, a certificate of shipment (certifying actual shipment) along with a note of the export entry number, given by a responsible official of that company

Road freight

The International Consignment Note (CMR) provides evidence of the identity of the contracting parties when goods are transferred by road. It is in 3 parts and is completed and signed by the sender of the goods, the carrier and the person receiving the goods. Where the overseas customer arranges for the goods to be collected ex-works the CMR alone is not conclusive evidence that the goods in question have left the UK or EU but, where the CMR is used as part of the evidence, it is important that the information is complete and all the details legible.

 What information must be shown on your certificate of shipment

Although the certificate of shipment can be in any format, it must be an original and will usually contain the following information:

  • the name and address of the issuing company
  • a unique reference number or issuer’s file reference
  • the name of the exporter (and VAT number, if known)
  • the place, port or airport of loading
  • the place, port or airport of shipment
  • the name of the export vessel or the aircraft, flight prefix and number
  • the date of sailing or flight
  • the customer’s name
  • the destination of the goods
  • a full description of the goods exported (including quantity, weight and value)
  • the number of packages
  • the exporter’s invoice number and date if known
  • the bill of lading or air waybill number (if applicable)
  • the identifying number of the vehicle, container or railway wagon

Exports by courier and fast parcel services

Courier and fast parcel operators specialise in the shipment of small consignments to overseas destinations within guaranteed times.

Most courier and fast parcel operators do not issue separate certificates of shipment.

The invoice for moving small consignments for export from the UK or EU, which routinely bears details of the unique air waybill numbers for each shipment, represents normal commercial evidence of export. In addition, many express companies are able to offer a track and trace service via their websites where the movement of consignments can be traced through to the final destination. This information can be printed and can also be used to confirm that the goods have left the UK or EU.


Please note that if any items are not allowed to be sold in the country to which you are having items exporting, the onus is on you to research and adhere to this. We cannot be held responsible for any items held up or impounded in customs for this reason.

We may require your EORI "Economic Operators Registration and Identification Number" to quote on our manifests. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us by email or by phone if you wish to discuss placing an order or any further information you may need. 

COSTS FOR INTERNATIONAL CARRIAGE - please note our previously quoted rates are no longer correct due to Brexit and we have removed this information.  

 If you wish us to arrange your international carriage, please ensure that you select the correct destination country and enter your address and telephone numbers fully. Our carriage calculator is set to work out international carriage charges by both volume and weight - until all courier companies have advised us of their revised their rates and surcharges there will be additional payments on all international orders placed via our website.

Some items have a disproportionate weight by volume, so if the carriage charged is incorrect, we will contact you with the correct charge and amend your invoice accordingly. Often this results in the carriage charge being lower, but occasionally, this may also mean an increase in the cost of carriage.

The countries we export to are shown below, If your chosen country is not shown, we can accept your order, but cannot send your goods direct to you - you will need to arrange your own international carriage.  

Republic of Ireland  

Begium, Netherlands, Luxembourg  

Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, mainland Spain (we do not export to the Spanish islands)  

Denmark, Finland, Sweden  

Greece, Hungary, Romania, Poland  

Cyprus, Malta  



Please note in some countries for very rural or mountainous areas there may be a delivery surcharge. We will notify you of this if applicable; the excess will need to be paid before we can dispatch your order.

We cannot send orders to BFPO addresses - these are for families' use only, not for businesses sending goods. We must be supplied with a full civilian postal address for the destination country.


Revised 04.01.2021



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